Saturday, 30 March 2013


16.  Death does not mean the end of life.  The grave is not the goal of men, no more than is the earth the goal of seeds.

17.  Life is the consequence of death.  The seed may seem to die, but from its grave the tree arises into life.

18.  So man may seem to die, but he lives on, and from the grave he springs up into life.

19.  If you could comprehend the word that Moses spoke about the burning bush that burned and still was not consumed, then you would know that death cannot destroy the life.

20.  And Moses said that God is God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Israel.

21.  God is not God of dead men's bones, but the living man.

22.  I tell you, men, man goes down to the grave, but he will rise again and manifest the life;

23.  For every life is hid with Christ in God, and man shall live while God shall live.

Extracted from The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by Levi
Chap. 155  v  16 - 23
(Levi H Dowling born 1844, Belleville, Ohio, passed from earth-life 1911)


Pokerwork and Acrylic on Birch-ply.     R.E.B

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Absent Healing

Wherever you may be I am still there for you,
You are not lost to me, I shall still care for you.
I am not someone whom you once have known,
Taken away to leave you all alone.
Tell me of pain or fear, deep in your heart.
Just softly speak my name, we are not far apart,
So that in dreams, when the long day is through,
I may send healing, once again to you.
                                                     by Lyn Lytton

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Prayer for Healing

Creator God

I pray for healing for my family and friends,
I pray for healing for all who suffer from sickness of body, mind or spirit,
I pray for healing for all who suffer from man-made or natural disasters,
I pray for healing for all who suffer from war or conflict.
I pray for all who are in transition to your eternal dwelling-place.
I pray for all who mourn the passing of a loved one.

Lord of Light, enlighten us, ignite the spark within to grow into a flame of love sufficient to illumine the world.
Lord of Love, allow your Divine Love to pour in abundance into and through us to heal the earth.
Lord of Healing, spread your balm upon the earth so that all in need may know your healing rays and be joined in peace.
Lord of Peace, teach us to be at peace with ourselves, with others and with the beautiful universe.

Encircled by Love, embraced by Healing allow us to be beacons of Light and Peace, at one with you and your Divine Law.
These gifts we ask for ourselves and for everyone we acknowledge as sisters and brothers in Spirit.
Use us as ambassadors of your truth so that your Divine Spirit is awakened in all.

Help us, we pray, in our endeavours in Love and Compassion for all creation.
For those who suffer, mercy Lord, hear their pain, be it physical mental or spiritual.

Bless us with the presence of your Angels of Light,Love, Peace and Healing and allow us to be awakened to the power and presence of your Divine Spirit.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Saint Cuthbert's Day

Yesterday was St.Cuthbert's Day, a service is held annually to commemorate this day in Durham Cathedral which houses the Shrine of St'Cuthbert.  At the service the following prayer is said :-

Almighty God
Who called your servant Cuthbert from keeping sheep to follow your son and to be a shepherd of your people.
Mercifully grant that we, following his example and caring for those who are lost, may bring them home to your fold.
Through your son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Saint Patrick's Day

Celtic Cross - Pokerwork and Acrylic on the seat of a child's beech stool.   R.E.B

Morning Prayer

As I arise today, may the strength of God pilot me, the power of God uphold me, and the wisdom of God guide me.
May the eye of God look before me, the ear of God hear me, and the word of God speak for me.
May the hand of God protect me, the way of God lie before me, the shield of God defend me, and the host of God save me.
               Attributed to St.Patrick of Ireland (c. 385 - 461 AD )


I bind unto myself today the power of God to hold and lead,
His eye to watch, His might to stay, His ear to harken to my need,
The wisdom of my God to teach, His hand to guide His shield to ward,
The word of God to give me speech, His heavenly host to be my guard.
             Attributed to St.Patrick as translated by Cecil F Alexander ( 1818 - 95 )


Monday, 11 March 2013

A God who could make a rose like this

A God who could make a rose like this
With tears of dew impearled
Surely intended that ours should be
A good and lovely world.
A rose is a revelation
Of His beauty and His grace.
Stand you still and look
And in a rose behold His face,
Look in wonder, ponder, linger,
Should you pass this way.
Soft as velvet, bright as fire,
And let your glad heart say
Praises to the Maker of the earth and skies
Who made the rose for man's delight
Enchanting heart and eye.

This poem is from my scrapbook - no title or author - I have googled it unsuccessfully, so if anyone out there has any information I would be pleased to hear from you.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Can we see God?

A kindergarten teacher was observing her classroom of children while they were drawing.  She would occasionally walk around to see each child's work.  As she got to one little girl, who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was.  The girl replied "I'm drawing God."  The teacher paused and said, "But no one knows what God looks like."  Without missing a beat, or looking up from her drawing, the girl replied.  "They will in a minute."

The little girl had spoken an obvious truth, if we open our eyes we can all see what God looks like, just look at all creation.  In all it's wonder and diversity is it not a truly wondrous thing, and as the little girl said, 'you will  see God in a minute' by just looking around you.  Why should a tree or a butterfly not be, to someone, an image of God?  If we truly believe that God created everything then God must be in everything, our ancestors recognised this and so should we.  It is only in recent human history that artists have portrayed God as a human-being, perhaps some of the prehistoric cave paintings of animals or 'inhuman-beings' may be nearer to early man's vision of their God!
We are of the essence and Spirit of the creator God; that essence and Spirit is in all things and we know that we know not of it's kindred to us.  When we rob the earth we are destroying ourselves and ultimately a part of the creator - for light to prevail, destruction must cease.

Can you see God?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Our God

Our God is a God of all,
God of heaven and earth, seas and rivers,
God of sun and moon, and all the stars,
God of high mountains and lowly valleys,
God over heaven,and in heaven and under heaven,
He has His dwelling
In heaven and earth and sea and all things that are in them

                                                                                            St. Patrick

Friday, 1 March 2013

Emerging Life

Watercolour by Margaret M Brownlow

Pure Spirit dwelt in Spirit heights
Immortal all in Heaven's rays
Above Earth's formless void.
Then God breathed; The Word

First came Light and Darkness both
And to the Firmament plight our troth.
Seas, Moon and Stars in power declared
The Seasons changing forms.
Fowl to fly the eye of storms,
Great and small fish the seas to swim,
Moving, creeping creatures the earth to win;
But over all was Man's dominion made,
God upon him great power laid,
To multiply, replenish and subdue the earth,
To take and eat withouten dearth.
All this, He saw, could not be bested,
So six days passed and then He rested.